ML Kyphotic

ML Kyphotic


The ML Kyphotic is designed to accommodate patients with kyphosis. It will allow patients to sit back into the chair maximizing comfort. This is shown to improve patients' vertical field of vision. The adjustable tension straps allow for various degrees of kyphotic submersion. The ML Kyphotic is available in our Shallow, Deep or Mid shells.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Shell
  • Available in our Fusion1, 2 or 3 shells
  • Shell features a cut out allowing for ideal positioning for clients suffering from kyphosis or other abnormalities Tension adjustable straps can be adjusted to set the amount of emersion back into the cut-out
  • Pre-Punched headrest and lateral holes for mounting hardware
  • Standard Height of 18
  • Custom Widths & Heights
  • Custom Cut-Out Available
  • Multi-Axis Headrest
  • Universal Headrest Mounting Plate
  • 2-year warranty on hardware
  • 1-year warranty on cover

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