Fusion Essential

Fusion Essential


The Fusion Essential completes our fusion line. It comes complete with cubed foam that is easy to remove to customize its fit to the user’s specific needs. It is also available in any of our Shallow, Deep and Mid shells.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Shell
  • Combines the variety of our Fusion1, 2 and 3 shells with the use of cubed foam
  • ¼” Base Foam layer to prevent exposure to the shell, 1-½” thick cube foam for easy removal which allows for the perfect set up to maximize the users comfort
  • Pre-Punched headrest and lateral holes for mounting hardware
  • Standard Height of 18”
  • Breathable and Waterproof Cover
  • Custom Widths & Heights
  • Incontinent Teck4 Cover
  • Multi-Axis Headrest
  • Universal Headrest Mounting Plate
  • 2-year warranty on hardware
  • 1-year warranty on cover

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